Sandbox and Cinema servers back (27/2/18)


Just a quick update – the Sandbox and Cinema servers are running once more,

we had some problems with our server being stuck behind an ADSL connection for a while (thanks Australian internet)
but now those two gamemodes are back.

We will be working to bring more up gradually, and are still working on back end upgrades.

Stay posted.

Can you smell what Darude is cooking?


Bilby’s been bugging me to make a new post about the stuff I’ve been doing, I’ll keep if brief.

  1. I made a plugin to make the server reboot every six hours with a stupid little derma UI thing to show a timer. This is important to stop lag setting in because of the limits on floating-point precision (no way to fix that on our end, so this is the best we can do; look at “CurTime()” on the GMod Wiki for more info).
  2. I fixed FastDL so that the timer can have a Girugamesh guy on it.
  3. I made a plugin to collect time metrics on gamemodes, maps and users (first, last and total time played).

Bilby’s in the middle of using these metrics to make a fun server statistics page on the site here, and it’ll be useful for a lot more stuff in the future, so look forward to that.

I made that post bragging about all the stuff we’re doing a little while ago, which was probably a mistake, but we’re still doing it all, I’m just not the one-man-army I think I am sometimes, and real life gets in the way too (like staying with family in the middle of nowhere with no computer for two weeks).

In terms of progress, however, I can say that all of our servers are more-or-less working now, which is great, and Hub is still coming, I’m working on the points and inventory plugin right now.

P.S. And don’t worry about the metrics thing, Papa Darude is still committed to avoiding NSA-style data retention, this is harmless “time spent everywhere” data that lets us do fun stuff like show leaderboards and analyze map and gamemode popularity to give us a better idea of what we should be working on; we don’t want to spy on you guys, just make cool stuff.

New Gmod Servers (19/12/15)


Whats happening guys,

today we have 2 new servers, or rather, renewed servers to announce!
We used to run both TTT and Murder, and after much stuffing about getting our basic framework for the servers to be really easy to manage, (see the last post in paticular ;)) we have added 2 more.
This includes both rules pages for them, forums categories, and some limited FastDL stuff. (this needs to be added to/fixed but it works for now.)


As you can see this brings our server tally up to 6, but this will drop to 5 again once Jailbreak has been properly tested and deployed as the primary server.
This has not affected progress on Jailbreak, or any of our other projects, so we hope to have you guys seeing some very interesting announcments soon, but until we are ready, we will not make any promises we can’t live up to.

Hope to see you all on the new servers!
– Bilby

Thanks Garry… (19/12/15)


Another update for Gmod,
goods thing all the clients auto update for it, leaving literally every server to update in their own time.
If the servers don’t update, all users that try to join the servers are met with this message:
Meaning there is nothing you can do to join that server until it updates.
Now, I don’t really have a problem with clients having an update forced onto them, because it means everything HAS to stay up to date at the latest version, and does force server owners to update, but I beg the question, why can’t our servers just auto update when we launch them? There is no easy way of doing this, and every solution to do this, is a workaround devised at the server owners end.
We have systems in place for this, but this time around, they failed so I was left to do a manual update.
So I go to do the manual update, no biggie right?
As I used the useless steamcmd to login as anonymous and “force_install_dir gmod_base” (which is how our file structure works) i actually ran force_install_dir “gmod”, which is wrong.
Anyway, I left it to do it’s download, only revealing when I came back to check on it, that it had re downloaded Gmod dedicated Server again, into a new folder called gmod.
Right, slightly frustrating, but I just have to download the update.
So I go to run “force_install_dir gmod_base” and then “app_update 4020” and I get this:
Just… Why?
It’s not updated. I can’t update it.
What did I do to deserve divine punishment from Gaben? D:
I can fix this, but it involves lot’s of trickery and manually moving files around, so bear with me for a bit, none of our servers can be updated for a while… :/

Also, I know pretty much none of this is Garry’s fault, so ayy lmao clickbait title. 😀

– Bilby



After making all of the things as symlinks, we finally have the servers back up and running!
Hopefully, this time it can stay that way, and updating all the servers at once can be a walk in the park, as all the groundwork for that is now in place!

Jailbreak Rewrite – Alpha Is Live! 27/11/15


Just a quick update that the alpha server for our rewrite of Jailbreak is now live and in public testing over at: (clicking this link will join the server!)

Please keep in mind that it is an alpha test of the gamemode, so stuff will be broken!
Please let us know if anything game breaking happens, Darude might put up a known bugs page, so please don’t spam us with the same bugs over and over!

We’ll be keeping you updated as progress is made, so standby here!

See you over there!

Short Update From Bilby (19/11/2015)


Whats happening?

Well, we are nearly ready to get back into the swing of things, forum registration is coming soon and so is a tonne of Gmod content!

Darude seems busy, what about you Bilby?

Well, I haven’t exactly been taking a break, the website you see was set up over the last week by yours truly, and I have been busy at work in the server back end, to ensure the servers that somehow magically managed to stay working in our absence, continue to do so, and that our new servers have plenty of resources to maintain our 100 or so slots per server average. 😉
You guys can’t really see this happen, but it does, and it’s important!

Bilby, I want to know more in detail about this server business you speak of.

Glad you asked!

I will probably go into a more detailed blog about how this all works, but I have been working hard on maintaining this stuff, cleaning out the duct tape that Flan and I have applied to keep the pretty sophisticated network of servers going…
Now it’s time to strip the duct tape, and make things actually work.

serversAbove: left side is pfSense, our custom firewall. (no IP’s are visible in this picture except for our ISP’s DNS, so yeah) Right side is our Moyasae server running ProxMox, a virtual machine deployment environment (most Game server hosts do this behind the scenes when you buy a monthly package, that’s right, we own the stuff to just DIY…).

This sort of software was a long term roll out process, as we have a lot more server instances than just games, and we can’t just take down servers for upgrades easily, so it was a long road to get to this point, (almost a year) but I am proud to announce we no longer have any Windows servers! 😀

Again, I’ll get into this in more detail soon, but today marks an important day, Flan and I are about to head over to pick up Darude, we will be discussing our deployment strategy, which will be announced in the coming days. (hype)

SPOILERS: New Jailbreak coming soon, very soon 😉

PS: Man I miss my Tony Abbott emote… 🙁
PPS: Tony Abbott and other emotes coming soon.

Darude’s Dev Updates 17/11/2015 (GONE SEXUAL)


Guys, what the fuck?

So, what the fuck happened? A shitty forum, broken yet somehow populated servers: Knoob sat atop the world, so where did it all go wrong?
Actually we just went back to school and switched to Linux, we’re back now. New website, fancy isn’t it?
Yeah, we let everything fall into disrepair, and it’s a damn shame, but I can promise you that while we were stuck writing stupid essays about Hamming Code, this is where we wanted to be, and I can also promise you that we aren’t coming back devoid of ideas for improvement.

Shit’s gonna be cool

Oh yeah, real cool. We’ve got ideas man, and ideas are cheap but we have the tech. to back it up.
First of all, what does the word database mean to you? Like really? Google? Maybe Microsoft Access for the tortured?
How about a completely unified, reliable experience across all gamemodes, on all of our servers?
“But so what”, you decry, “you had that hooked up to Pointshop before!”
Well let me ask you, how often did you spend those points?
Or maybe, how many did you have?
Yeah, we’re going to fix that. We’re going to have stuff to buy, and we’re writing it all from scratch to suit our needs; nothing will be public, everything will be integrated and everything will work fantastically well.


Jailbreak is home for us, but our code-base is practically carcinogenic at this point. I’m in the middle of a rewrite right now, and I hope to have it working start December. Once it’s less buggy than the old version I’ll deploy it.

Everything else

We’re basically going to redeploy our other servers in an order that reflects how much we liked them – Cinema should be the first to receive a facelift.
All the other servers that are miraculously still working somehow probably still will until we replace them – I’m looking at you, Sandbox.

You’re full of shit

Fair call, most people are, but I’ve already written a bunch of this. We have a working points and Dark-Souls-style message addon, and that’s just the start. You can be productive when you work on things you love, and that might not sound like much but the economy addon at least is fairly core. We want to design everything so that it can be easily changed by non-programmers too, and once we do that we should be able to roll-out content much more rapidly.

I’ve heard rumors of a Hub?


Why for the love of God are you doing this?

Actually, it’s because I’m selfish. I wasn’t on-board with any of these ideas at first, I wanted to do my own thing, but I’ve decided that I love our servers, and our community, and even if it’s a piece of shit I love Garry’s Mod and I want a cool, fun group of servers to play on, surrounded by people I like; a place with a calm atmosphere and mechanics as polished as a first-party Nintendo game, and so that’s what I’ll make. It’s not because we want to make Second Life in GMod, or attack GMod Tower, a gamemode that we all love; we just want to make and play cool shit, and hopefully you want to play cool shit too. Come hang out, we’re pricks but we’re a family.

You guys are attractive go-getters and I want in

Play on our servers and get to know us; if you’re cool and genuine, we’ll make you part of the gang.


Oh, too busy to read my crazy bullshit? Here’s the schedule.

  • Cinema: any day now
  • Jailbreak: start December
  • Hub: after that
  • Points/Inventory: with Hub

Cinema server, coming back shortly!


Just to keep you guys filled in, I am working on bringing our Cinema server back up today!

(See we are actually doing things… :P)

above: our old cinema load screen logo.

It should be ready either today or tomorrow. (hype)