Sandbox and Cinema servers back (27/2/18)


Just a quick update – the Sandbox and Cinema servers are running once more,

we had some problems with our server being stuck behind an ADSL connection for a while (thanks Australian internet)
but now those two gamemodes are back.

We will be working to bring more up gradually, and are still working on back end upgrades.

Stay posted.

CSGO Server Live


Hey guys,

Just letting you know we now have a live CSGO server,

the IP is

We are in the process of seeing if we can get stats going for it, since it obviously can’t use the same code we use to log Gmod time with!

See you there!

Registrations re-re-working again…!


So remember when I bragged about having fixed the bug with registrations?
Yeah, no, well sort of.

I had fixed it for everyone but gmail and a few other email hosts, or rather, fixed the original problem but this one was introduced as a side effect.

Now, this should be fixed this time but let me know if it isn’t!
I have tested with multiple email providers now and it does seem to work, so if you haven’t already, you can register an account and if you were affected by the bug, you can manually reset your password, to gain access to your new account!

Thanks for those who helped bug test this!

Can you smell what Darude is cooking?


Bilby’s been bugging me to make a new post about the stuff I’ve been doing, I’ll keep if brief.

  1. I made a plugin to make the server reboot every six hours with a stupid little derma UI thing to show a timer. This is important to stop lag setting in because of the limits on floating-point precision (no way to fix that on our end, so this is the best we can do; look at “CurTime()” on the GMod Wiki for more info).
  2. I fixed FastDL so that the timer can have a Girugamesh guy on it.
  3. I made a plugin to collect time metrics on gamemodes, maps and users (first, last and total time played).

Bilby’s in the middle of using these metrics to make a fun server statistics page on the site here, and it’ll be useful for a lot more stuff in the future, so look forward to that.

I made that post bragging about all the stuff we’re doing a little while ago, which was probably a mistake, but we’re still doing it all, I’m just not the one-man-army I think I am sometimes, and real life gets in the way too (like staying with family in the middle of nowhere with no computer for two weeks).

In terms of progress, however, I can say that all of our servers are more-or-less working now, which is great, and Hub is still coming, I’m working on the points and inventory plugin right now.

P.S. And don’t worry about the metrics thing, Papa Darude is still committed to avoiding NSA-style data retention, this is harmless “time spent everywhere” data that lets us do fun stuff like show leaderboards and analyze map and gamemode popularity to give us a better idea of what we should be working on; we don’t want to spy on you guys, just make cool stuff.

Registrations working again!


Hey guys,

just fixed a small bug with the registration system on the site!

You are now able to register for a new account if you haven’t already.
Having an account will allow you use our forums, and keep in the loop with important updates, as well as being able to customize how this site looks and feels when using it!

In other website news, I am still working on making the experience for users on mobile devices more streamlined and user friendly!
This is a big job, but one that I feel is important as I know a lot of you who do use your phones and tablets to access the site.
You may have noticed that it has become a bit easier to navigate the site, however user profiles and the forums remain relatively difficult to use, so bear with me for a while while I get this all completed!


Website Progression (2/12/15)


Just a quick update that users may now login, register and post on the forums!
You can do so by clicking the login button in the top right of the page, as part of the menu.

This is pretty dodgy at the moment, as it uses the WordPress default settings for user accounts and account management.
Please keep in mind that it is in very early stages, so it is imperfect especially aesthetically speaking.

The point is, you can now use this site and the forums properly!