Authored by Darude

Guys, what the fuck?

So, what the fuck happened? A shitty forum, broken yet somehow populated servers: Knoob sat atop the world, so where did it all go wrong?
Actually we just went back to school and switched to Linux, we’re back now. New website, fancy isn’t it?
Yeah, we let everything fall into disrepair, and it’s a damn shame, but I can promise you that while we were stuck writing stupid essays about Hamming Code, this is where we wanted to be, and I can also promise you that we aren’t coming back devoid of ideas for improvement.

Shit’s gonna be cool

Oh yeah, real cool. We’ve got ideas man, and ideas are cheap but we have the tech. to back it up.
First of all, what does the word database mean to you? Like really? Google? Maybe Microsoft Access for the tortured?
How about a completely unified, reliable experience across all gamemodes, on all of our servers?
“But so what”, you decry, “you had that hooked up to Pointshop before!”
Well let me ask you, how often did you spend those points?
Or maybe, how many did you have?
Yeah, we’re going to fix that. We’re going to have stuff to buy, and we’re writing it all from scratch to suit our needs; nothing will be public, everything will be integrated and everything will work fantastically well.


Jailbreak is home for us, but our code-base is practically carcinogenic at this point. I’m in the middle of a rewrite right now, and I hope to have it working start December. Once it’s less buggy than the old version I’ll deploy it.

Everything else

We’re basically going to redeploy our other servers in an order that reflects how much we liked them – Cinema should be the first to receive a facelift.
All the other servers that are miraculously still working somehow probably still will until we replace them – I’m looking at you, Sandbox.

You’re full of shit

Fair call, most people are, but I’ve already written a bunch of this. We have a working points and Dark-Souls-style message addon, and that’s just the start. You can be productive when you work on things you love, and that might not sound like much but the economy addon at least is fairly core. We want to design everything so that it can be easily changed by non-programmers too, and once we do that we should be able to roll-out content much more rapidly.

I’ve heard rumors of a Hub?


Why for the love of God are you doing this?

Actually, it’s because I’m selfish. I wasn’t on-board with any of these ideas at first, I wanted to do my own thing, but I’ve decided that I love our servers, and our community, and even if it’s a piece of shit I love Garry’s Mod and I want a cool, fun group of servers to play on, surrounded by people I like; a place with a calm atmosphere and mechanics as polished as a first-party Nintendo game, and so that’s what I’ll make. It’s not because we want to make Second Life in GMod, or attack GMod Tower, a gamemode that we all love; we just want to make and play cool shit, and hopefully you want to play cool shit too. Come hang out, we’re pricks but we’re a family.

You guys are attractive go-getters and I want in

Play on our servers and get to know us; if you’re cool and genuine, we’ll make you part of the gang.


Oh, too busy to read my crazy bullshit? Here’s the schedule.

  • Cinema: any day now
  • Jailbreak: start December
  • Hub: after that
  • Points/Inventory: with Hub