We are pretty chill when it comes to moderating our servers, but as with everything good we need a few basic rules in place to ensure things don’t get to out of hand.

Server Rules

  • No spamming. This includes all 3 forms of chat. (Chat, Team Chat, Mic chat)
  • Racism will not be tolerated.
  • Do not excessively disrespect other players.
  • No hacking.
  • Do not use Exploits, glitches or bugs.
  • Do not advertise other servers.
  • Use common sense.

Team Deaths

  • Do not trap spam. For those that do not know trap spamming is when you continuously press buttons as death when no one is near the trap.
  • Do not target players. In other words do not purposely aim to kill one person with the traps.
  • Continuing on from the “No targeting players” rule, if there is a player ahead from everyone, and you know this, deal with them first before you start with the others.
  • Do not hoard buttons. This means that if there is more than one Death you need to take turns when using traps. An extension to this rule is do not button steal. This means do not press a button that a Death is already stationed at.
  • A free run may be done at a max of once a map change. This means that the death/s can decide if they wish to allow the runners a free pass to the end of the map and in return they can choose what mini game is chosen. The deaths cannot trick the runners when they say it is a free run.
  • Tele camping is not allowed. This means that if the Old School mini game is chosen Death/s are not allowed to camp in a place that the runners cannot kill them in. For example if a Death sits next to the crates on the map dr_simpsons when a runner comes through the portal the death can immediately kill the runner without giving the runner a chance.

Team Runners

  • Do not intentionally delay the round. If you are the last player and people are waiting for you to finish the map then continue on with the map from whatever stage you are on Continue with traps/go and fight death, without trying to wait it out.
  • Do not meta-game. This means that as someone who is a dead person you cannot use any outside source (Skype,Steam Chat,Teamspeak) to help those that are alive in any way that is unfair, telling the runners where the death is for example.
  • No team killing. This means you are not allowed to kill your teammates either by tricking them into a trap or any other way. This is more of a tip then a rule as it will help you in the long run if you have more runners going throughout the course.
  • No ghosting. This is basically the same as meta-gaming except you as a dead person use the chat, whether it be chat, team chat or mic chat, to help the living runners.

Feel free to sign up at our website! knoobgroup.com