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    Hi all!

    This thread is directed towards players, lesser-staff and general community.
    As it has been noticeable lately, the servers have been quite lackluster. An average of 2-3 people on the Sandbox server, Jailbreak has pretty much been dead for the past few months now, and the only server that is consistent enough in its player-base is the Deathrun server; managed by your beloved KillSwitch.

    Although I hold no direct authority to change, manage, or mess around with these servers, I would like to see them get put to use. So, I’m asking if anybody has any suggestions in terms of implementing new features, removing any bugs, or overall improving server quality. Spend a few minutes on each of the servers, and see if you can come up with anything. I’m sure a few of us can agree we have been lazy enough to neglect GMod, but like I’ve mentioned, it would be nice to see some change.

    Hopefully we can all see some changes in the coming months, if any of us can actually be bothered doing anything as touching the servers themselves. Like the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t break it. But we’re Knoob, fuck the rules.

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    Darude needs to fix his broken shit. Fuck that guy.

    Anatrax: [OOC] i am going to do !hang Dominos Darkbound(fluffy)

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    What needs to be done? I have some shred of admin rights so I can do… something…

    My health hasn’t been the best so GMod has really not been the first priority of mine either.

    Lol the Knoob site scrolling hates my laptop touchpad.

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