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    ayyyyyyyyyyylmao’s i have returned and this time hopefully for good to the servers, But Darkbound i hear you say, where have you been for almost a year?. WELL friends is that a story first and foremost i moved houses and was without reliable internet for a good 3 quarters of last year, so i was restricted to mostly offline games like battlefront 2 and skyrim and speaking of skyrim i got so bored i tried my hand at skyrim modding and got rather ambitous with my ideas as always, i made a neat few little mods that tweaked skyrim to my liking and added a few things here and there but nothing all that major, perhaps i will upload them at some point in time when i get the chance to finish them off. however one little project i got doing on skyrim got me interested heavily in skyrim/gmods lighting and the neat effects colored lights give off so i might try my hand at more gmod mapping next.

    Speaking of gmod mapping im sure at least one person here remembers a jailbreak map we had called darkday made by me sometime last year, well i would like to know in the comments what people thought of that map if i were to go back and made improvements or other maps, it really interested me becouse the map had a very mixed reception from our jailbreak players back in the day.

    NOW the most important and most related topic of this post……STARWARS RP (maybe)
    i want to know if anyone would be interested in that topic and to share some ideas i had for a server theme which i will not write down in dotpoints for conveniance

    #1 The era/lore of what the RP would be based around is going to be a major factor of starwars RP and i have yet to decide between during episode 6-7 or during episode 3-4 all i can say is im a little over 50 million clone wars server’s it’s time somebody did something new

    #2 if between episode 3-4 is chosen expect there to be playing as imperial clones before they were phased out for volunteers by the empire this ere is known as “The Dark Time’s” and gameplay would consist of the imperial clones and the new imperial Inquisitors hunting down the now traitor jedi order and rebels that try to protect them i dont intend for this to be cutesy like the rebels TV series it should be gritty as much as the show likes to dress things up the empire commits horrible deeds during this era of starwars including genocide on races that resist them expect this to be like our old Nazi RP

    #3 if between 6-7 is chosen players will be playing as good old stormtroopers in what is left of the Galactic Empire (MINOR STARWARS 7 SPOILERS HERE YOU WERE WARNED) in this era we would be a splinter faction of the now crumbling Empire from our hidden star destroyer on the borders of the new republic our new faction will take on the new republic in a hit and run fashion helping what is left of the empire retreat from the new republic into the unknown sectors of space. unlike 99% of other starwars RP servers we would have a reason for so many mixed types of stormtroopers on our star detroyer, stormtroopers are now an illegal military force in the new republic and would be persecuted like the germans higher ups were at the end of the 2nd world war it would only make sense our little force would happily adopt these forces

    #4 i have 2 maps ready for the idea and plenty of starwars related addons including lightsabers the maps being venator_RP v2 and Stardestroyer_RP v4 both i could modify to accomidate our needs if if needed but i would be open to suggestions for other maps for things like events

    #5 but Darkbound WTF is starwars RP? well jimmy james anatrax JR. it really is just like Dark RP with a military theme, a starwars skin and regular events to mix things up so we are not stuck on a ship for hours an example of these events would be fighting off an infestation on the ship or a boarding party of rebels we stumble across

    #6 well shit Darkbound you clearly put some deep level of thought into this idea but isnt this just Knoob trying to copy the pu$$ydon?
    well jimmy james anatrax JR. you once again are wrong, me and norez have wanted to run an RP server for quite some time but the intrest was never really there at the time well now times have changed and after SW7 dropped the popularity has never been higher for starwars related conted and boy do i love starwars (when george lucas stays the fuck away from it)

    #7 Arnt Starwars RP server’s a little tough for you relaxed keklords at knoob? yes. yes it is i personaly belive most Starwars RP servers we have visited have been a bit to strict with rules for my liking im all for a level of order and rules when it maintains the RP feel but all these extra small things like “faces” i feel just confuse the player. formations and the like are certainly a must for starwars RP but “faces” are not if anything i would rename them into something a bit less confusing for new players as they are in heavy abundance in the Starwars RP scene

    #8 as usual no donator benefits and all the specific fancy jobs should be gifted to those who prove themselves on the server and those that can be trusted with it

    hope this was not too boring but it’s good to be back. i look forward to reading any comments or suggestions you might have ~Darkbound

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    I cant feel my face when i read this post, BUT I LOVE IT

    Dankbound for sithlord

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    Darkday, 1000000x better than Poseidons lobby…

    Reason: realistic scope, attention to detail, interesting features and well thought out design.
    I’d definitely like to see you make a return to mapping!

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    I missed you Darkbound 😀

    Glad to see you back.

    - JTL

    Developer of many projects. Grudgingly looking forward to the future.

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