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    I imagine this won’t affect most of you, but Knoob Group is now SSL ready!
    This means we can provide that little green lock up on the left hand side of the address bar whenever you’re on our site!

    If you see the lock go yellow for some reason, it is probably due to user content, such as linked images.
    I have not really thought of a way, short of blocking all http links (https only) for images posted, (which may happen) to stop this, but I’ll have a think about it.

    What is SSL?
    SSL or HTTPS, is a secure client server relationship, simply put, all of the data that goes between our server and your client is between us and us only.
    If somebody (Metadata collection laws anyone?) were to set up a middleman, scooping up all the traffic between us, it would be junk data since it is heavily encrypted, again simply put, meaning it is only readable data by our web server and your web browser.

    Why is this useful here?
    Peace of mind for entering your password (not that we send it in plain text anyway, that has extra encryption to ensure not even we can see it),
    this means nobody snooping can see anything you send to us or get back from us, like your email address or username.
    All of this data would be useful to somebody middle man attacking you or us and using it maliciously.
    We take user privacy pretty seriously at Knoob, because everybody should.

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