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    A welcome to the staff application process

    First things first, thanks for considering to apply for being a part of the Knoob team!
    If you think you are ready to step in to assist us with moderating one of our game servers, there are a few things we need to run over just to make sure you are.
    Be sure to read this whole post properly, if we suspect you have not, then your application will be declined!
    This thread is aimed at people who have already decided that Knoob servers are their most prefered server in the game/gamemode that servers are run for, and would like a shot at being a part of the team that makes things great, either now or in the future!

    A bit about us, and why we select the way we do

    Knoob’s game servers were started because we were significantly unimpressed with the way the staff acted and were selected on other servers.
    At Knoob, we aim to keep the quality control high, that’s why we have such a rigorous selection process!

    Knowing if you’re ready

    To become staff on our servers, we need to be assured that you are up to the task.
    Taking on a role as a moderator can be challenging and is not cut out for everyone.
    You have to put your role as staff above your role in the game!
    I have been killed in many instances where I needed to enter an admin command for instance, and dealing with nuisance players can be a stressful experience!
    If this sounds a bit much, I’ll be the first to tell you, that being part of the Knoob team can be a very rewarding experience!

    If you think you are ready, hold up for a second, because we still have a few questions to cover.

    You must have a good reputation

    This is important, our other staff and users will post on your application, calling you out if you don’t!

    You must be patient

    if people know you
    are staff, they will deliberately get you to do things for them, or just
    try to annoy you to see how much you will put up with. You have to
    pretty much be good under pressure.

    You must be good humored

    We take the piss a lot of the time at Knoob Group, and it’s good to have staff the reflect that!

    Got all that? OK, then it’s time to submit an application! The steps are as follows:

    Submitting an application

    1. You must be ready with the checklist above!
    2. Prior to submitting an application you must link your steam account
      to your Knoob profile.
      (Do this by clicking your name in the top right and clicking edit profile, follow the instructions there)
    3. In this forum category, make a new thread titled: ‘ | moderator application’.
    4. Follow the format below for making an application.
    5. Moderators and other users will give feedback. (+1 or -1, usually with a description). This can be done either publicly in the thread or privately consulted via PM’s. Arguments against the applicant, will however be brought forwards to them.
    6. A super admin (or above) will give their final verdict and (if accepted) add you to the server staff!

    Application template

    • Prefered name/nickname:
    • Steam name (or other game name if non-steam):
    • Which server(s) are you applying on?
    • Age (under 13, 13-15, 15-18, over 18):
    • Which staff are you closest to?:
    • Location (optional):
    • Approx Time played on Knoob Servers:
    • Any ban history (in any game!) and if so why:
    • About yourself – Write a paragraph about yourself. It can contain anything from daily life to goals and aspirations:
    • Why do you believe you should be a Staff Member? (Write at least one full paragraph):
    • Experience – What type of experience do you have moderating servers/players:

    Important note!

    Please note: Your application is the ONLY place you should be asking for mod.
    Do NOT

    • make multiple threads for applications,
    • spam other threads advertising your application,
    • ask admins in PM’s or
    • ask on the servers.

    THIS WILL NOT HELP YOU if anything it will make the process take longer, or make us flat out reject your app!

    Thanks for reading, and good luck!

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