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    Originally posted by NoRezpect 9th May 2014
    Reuploaded due to new forums

    Staff Ranks, Rules and Permissions

    Ok so here we go, this thread will be explaining the rules the each staff rank must follow as well as the permissions of each rank.

    Trial Moderator

    Trial moderators are the lowest level of staff.
    Trial moderators must listen to all other staff member besides other trial mods.
    It’s a trial mods task to prove that he/she is worthy of the moderator position by helping out the server.
    They only have access to vote, chat and kick commands.


    Moderators are the second level of staff and must listen to all staff above them, doing as they are told within reason.
    The role of a moderator is to issue punishments to rule breakers as well as assist anyone on the server with any problems they have.
    Moderators have restricted access to their powers and may only use them when dealing with rule breakers or trying to sort out any server issues.


    Admins are the third level of staff.
    They can tell moderators to do things within reason and they have access to some of the funner commands, naturally, they must still listen to those who hold a higher rank than them.
    An admins main role is to ensure that the appropriate punishment is dealt to the accused and to assist moderators with their job.
    Admins have less restrictions with their powers but like moderators are only allowed to use their powers to issue punishments and deal with any server issues.

    Super Admin

    Superadmins are the highest level of staff.
    They have access to all commands and have a lot more freedom when it comes to the use of them.
    A superadmins main role is to keep moderators and admins in check to ensure they are doing their job correctly.
    Super Admins have final say in deciding what punishment should handed to the accused.

    Owner (b0s5)

    These guys are the owners of the server(s).
    They follow no rules except their own.
    Do not argue with them, you will always lose.

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