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    This thread’s purpose will be to instruct new commanders on the basics of running a company. Let’s begin with a Q&A.

    Q: What’s a commander?
    A: Commanders are high ranking officials in the army that control groups of soldiers and other units in what is called a company.

    Q: What are my roles and responsibilities as a commander?
    A: Commanders are responsible for managing a company and commanding it, this includes recruiting new members of the company through tryouts, giving promotions and demotions based on individuals performance, creating the classes for the company, maintaining communication with the admiral, vice-admiral and general about changing situations on the ship and battlefield, creating and enforcing formations, ensuring your troops have basic needs like a place to sleep (a few bunks will do) and some entertainment, keeping the company trained and fit for battle, making sure the company is well supported and supplied eg. making sure there is class variety in the company, if its a large trooper group there should always be a medic and ammo carrier.

    Q: What if I fail in my duties or are inactive for an extended period of time?
    A: You may be demoted to a colonel or lower and replaced by a second in command until a new company leader is chosen (normally by a company vote). This is to ensure the company is always active.

    Q: Are there any other duties a commander must perform?
    A: A commander will regularly be called to the War/board room or ATC (Advanced Tactics Command) to report on the companies progression and growth, this is a key part of being a commander because it allows the admiral and general to make informed decisions on what needs improving and provide constructive criticism on areas where the company can improve. All current commanders will be called once a month to elect a new general for the army at large.

    Q: Wait, what? Who’s the general?
    A: The general’s role is to make large scale formations and tactics to help the army achieve victory and are given a massive salary of requisition points to distribute to soldiers as they see fit and as appropriate.

    Q: What space will I be given for my company?
    A: Companies will be given some room to rest and co-ordinate in private, this space ranges from a whole room to a portion of a bigger room due to free space being in high demand on the ship. Walls can be used to divide rooms if needed.

    Q: You mentioned a second in command?
    A: Yes I did, it is important for commanders to assign a trusted second if for any reason you are unable to play. This second in command should be given a squad of troops of their own to learn valuable leadership skills. It is also wise in bigger companies to have multiple second in commands to ensure the company will always have a leader on hand, this can also make a commanders job a lot easier and make the task of leading a bunch of troops less daunting with multiple people sharing the load.

    Q: Will I be able to set rules for my company?
    A: Certainly, in fact I highly encourage each company to have a set of rules and guidelines posted in the company’s bunks that each member must follow. This will make the ship run much smoother in general. A quick note for high privilege companies like the fighter corps and armored division, I have placed some important rules around the ship in highly visible places, mostly on level 3 and the command decks, The rules MUST be followed at all times, fighter squads taking off must always ask permission to land/takeoff from Flight control and hangar command post, this is done to ensure the hangars are clear of obstructions that might cause crashes and damage to the ship and also to make sure larger ships like LAATs have room to land safely.

    I hope this post has been helpful so far in getting you started on commanding a company – now a quick note for members of our staff that are signing up.

    1. Irregardless of admin ranks NOBODY should be arguing with the IC ranks higher than them, and using your actual staff status as a tool to get what you want or just to fuck around.
    2. If you would LIKE to fuck around, book a hangar or bay for yourself, or visit the cantina where there are no RP rules.
    3. If not many people are on it’s perfectly okay to not be serious, but I would prefer people that are on set up some small scale events to reward people that are RPing seriously.
    4. Nobody should be arguing with or disrespecting others – keep the server civilised and semi-professional please, if someone starts shit and refuses to stop then by all means demote/kick/ban them.
    5. If a company fucks up, then a company fucks up, we will do our best to work around it – companies will have many chances to prove themselves.
    6. RP always comes first on SWRP and I encourage everyone to join in even if it’s merely a small contribution. (NOT TARGETING THIS LAST BIT AT ANYBODY. THIS IS MEANT FOR EVERYONE INCLUDING MYSELF.)

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