We are pretty chill when it comes to moderating our servers, but as with everything good we need a few basic rules in place to ensure things don’t get to out of hand.

(Scroll down for gameplay hints and KOS zones!)


  1. No mic/chat spamming.
  2. No porn/inappropriate sprays.
  3. No hacks/scripts that give unfair advantages.
  4. No RDM (Random Death Match) AKA: killing prisoners without a reason!
  5. Guards follow warden orders.
  6. Wardens must have a mic or freeday!
  7. If orders are not given by 7mins on the clock, it is a freeday!
  8. No cell days, cells must be open by 6 minutes on the timer!
  9. No execution days!
  10. Don’t be a snitch. (Even on private team chat.)
  11. Don’t flame with other players.
  12. Respect opinions of staff.
  13. Admins always have final say!

Gameplay Hints:

Playing as Prisoner:

Your job is to follow guard orders, you can rebel against them, but that comes with consequences!

Playing as a Guard:

You must follow warden orders, and help them to maintain the rowdy prisoner scum!
Only use force if you must, it’s a lot of red tape if a prisoner dies.

Playing as warden:

It’s your job to come up with ways to entertain the prisoners, you give orders, they need to follow, but make sure to keep them in check!
Try not to play as warden if you don’t have a mic.

KOS Zones:


  • The guard towers.
  • The roof of main building.
  • The helicopter.
  • The entire armory building and roof. (Note stairs and hallway up to red carpet of armory room are exempt!)
  • The carpark.
  • All the rails around the guard towers.
  • Vents.


  • The catwalk.
  • The armory.
  • The apartment building.
  • The basketball control room.
  • The ice hockey secret room.
  • All the roofs.
  • Vents.


  • The armory.
  • Vents/sewers.
  • The top of Teleport Towers minigame.
  • Red platform to the top left of the main armory platform.


  • Armory
  • Secret room inside a box
  • Catwalk at large pool
  • Vents
  • Behind the bar in the small cafe.
  • On top of cells


  • Armory
  • Entire security room
  • Central tower of cell room
  • On top of escape pod/trivia glitch area.

All KOS zones may be deemed non KOS by the warden, drawing guns is not KOS, but  a guard can force you to drop them, upon which if you do not comply it is a KOS offence.

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