We are pretty chill when it comes to moderating our servers, but as with everything good we need a few basic rules in place to ensure things don’t get to out of hand.

(Scroll down for gameplay hints!)


  1. No mic/chat spamming.
  2. No porn/inappropriate sprays.
  3. No hacks/scripts that give unfair advantages.
  4. Don’t shoot people without suspicion (this will just make you a dick, and if you keep doing it, we’ll punish you.)
  5. Don’t be a snitch. (Even on private team voice chat.)
  6. Don’t flame with other players.
  7. Respect opinions of staff.
  8. Admins have final say, there is a fine line between RDM and accidental team killing, so don’t give admins a tough time for making calls on that matter.
  9. Don’t metagame, when we find out, you’re in serious trouble, i.e. telling a friend who the murderer is from spectate.

Gameplay Hints:

Playing as Anatrax:

  1. Your goal is to kill all the staff members.
  2. You have a knife, don’t pull it out where people can see, unless you think you can kill them.
  3. You can alt fire (usually right click) to throw the knife!

Playing as a Staff Member:

  1. If you don’t have a gun when you spawn (some people do), you can collect all the green glowing items to get one.
  2. The gun is a one hit kill, but takes a while to reload and reloads after every shot.

Feel free to sign up at our website! knoobgroup.com