Authored by Bilby

Whats happening guys,

today we have 2 new servers, or rather, renewed servers to announce!
We used to run both TTT and Murder, and after much stuffing about getting our basic framework for the servers to be really easy to manage, (see the last post in paticular ;)) we have added 2 more.
This includes both rules pages for them, forums categories, and some limited FastDL stuff. (this needs to be added to/fixed but it works for now.)


As you can see this brings our server tally up to 6, but this will drop to 5 again once Jailbreak has been properly tested and deployed as the primary server.
This has not affected progress on Jailbreak, or any of our other projects, so we hope to have you guys seeing some very interesting announcments soon, but until we are ready, we will not make any promises we can’t live up to.

Hope to see you all on the new servers!
– Bilby