Authored by Bilby

Whats happening?

Well, we are nearly ready to get back into the swing of things, forum registration is coming soon and so is a tonne of Gmod content!

Darude seems busy, what about you Bilby?

Well, I haven’t exactly been taking a break, the website you see was set up over the last week by yours truly, and I have been busy at work in the server back end, to ensure the servers that somehow magically managed to stay working in our absence, continue to do so, and that our new servers have plenty of resources to maintain our 100 or so slots per server average. 😉
You guys can’t really see this happen, but it does, and it’s important!

Bilby, I want to know more in detail about this server business you speak of.

Glad you asked!

I will probably go into a more detailed blog about how this all works, but I have been working hard on maintaining this stuff, cleaning out the duct tape that Flan and I have applied to keep the pretty sophisticated network of servers going…
Now it’s time to strip the duct tape, and make things actually work.

serversAbove: left side is pfSense, our custom firewall. (no IP’s are visible in this picture except for our ISP’s DNS, so yeah) Right side is our Moyasae server running ProxMox, a virtual machine deployment environment (most Game server hosts do this behind the scenes when you buy a monthly package, that’s right, we own the stuff to just DIY…).

This sort of software was a long term roll out process, as we have a lot more server instances than just games, and we can’t just take down servers for upgrades easily, so it was a long road to get to this point, (almost a year) but I am proud to announce we no longer have any Windows servers! 😀

Again, I’ll get into this in more detail soon, but today marks an important day, Flan and I are about to head over to pick up Darude, we will be discussing our deployment strategy, which will be announced in the coming days. (hype)

SPOILERS: New Jailbreak coming soon, very soon 😉

PS: Man I miss my Tony Abbott emote… 🙁
PPS: Tony Abbott and other emotes coming soon.