Authored by Bilby

Another update for Gmod,
goods thing all the clients auto update for it, leaving literally every server to update in their own time.
If the servers don’t update, all users that try to join the servers are met with this message:
Meaning there is nothing you can do to join that server until it updates.
Now, I don’t really have a problem with clients having an update forced onto them, because it means everything HAS to stay up to date at the latest version, and does force server owners to update, but I beg the question, why can’t our servers just auto update when we launch them? There is no easy way of doing this, and every solution to do this, is a workaround devised at the server owners end.
We have systems in place for this, but this time around, they failed so I was left to do a manual update.
So I go to do the manual update, no biggie right?
As I used the useless steamcmd to login as anonymous and “force_install_dir gmod_base” (which is how our file structure works) i actually ran force_install_dir “gmod”, which is wrong.
Anyway, I left it to do it’s download, only revealing when I came back to check on it, that it had re downloaded Gmod dedicated Server again, into a new folder called gmod.
Right, slightly frustrating, but I just have to download the update.
So I go to run “force_install_dir gmod_base” and then “app_update 4020” and I get this:
Just… Why?
It’s not updated. I can’t update it.
What did I do to deserve divine punishment from Gaben? D:
I can fix this, but it involves lot’s of trickery and manually moving files around, so bear with me for a bit, none of our servers can be updated for a while… :/

Also, I know pretty much none of this is Garry’s fault, so ayy lmao clickbait title. 😀

– Bilby



After making all of the things as symlinks, we finally have the servers back up and running!
Hopefully, this time it can stay that way, and updating all the servers at once can be a walk in the park, as all the groundwork for that is now in place!